DWQA Questionsدسته بندی: پمپ های وکیومWhat are the main uses for vacuum pumps?
وزیری 19 ساعت قبل

What are the main uses for vacuum pumps?

Vacuum pumps are used in many different areas. They are mainly found in laboratories, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, filtration and mass spectrometry.
Each of these uses requires a particular type of vacuum. For example, mass spectrometry requires pressure between 10-3 and 10-4 mbars. It is not therefore necessary to use technology able to create an ultrahigh vacuum.
If your application concerns the agri-food industry, drying, vacuum metallurgy or distillation, then you will need a rough vacuum.
If you are involved in vacuum mixing or beam welding, we recommend that you switch to a high vacuum.
If, however, you work in surface state physics or particle acceleration, we recommend an ultrahigh vacuum.