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مهیا 19 ساعت قبل

When should you use a turbomolecular vacuum pump?

Pfeiffer turbomolecular vacuum pump
Pfeiffer turbomolecular vacuum pump

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps can attain pressure levels from 10-12 mbar. The flow rates vary from 50 l to 5,000 l/s. They operate on the same principle as compressors. The blades of the different levels of the pump are rotated by an electric motor rotating at a high speed which removes the air from the volume to be emptied. These pumps are often mounted on magnetic bearings to support high rotational speeds. They necessarily require a primary pump with a vacuum limit of 10-2 mbar.
Turbomolecular vacuum pumps have the advantage of not using oil. As such they are clean pumps. These pumps are particularly well suited for ultrahigh vacuum applications such as analytical instrumentation or laboratory analysis.
Due to their complex technology, these pumps are expensive to purchase and may require more maintenance than traditional vacuum pumps. The pumping speed is also very dependent on the type of gas being pumped. The speed drops sharply for lighter gases.