Description of the LIQUID RING VACUUM Package Unit

شرکت صنایع وکیوم آسیا

Description of the LIQUID RING VACUUM Package Unit
Compact, ready-to-connect vacuum systems have proven to be particularly advantageous for research, planning and production. All components, such as vacuum pump / compressor, liquid separator, heat exchanger, gas ejector, valves, fittings, operating and supply lines, etc. housed in a space-saving package unit are easy to operate and maintain. When using sealless vacuum pumps / compressors, these systems are hermetically sealed. The tight ring liquid circuit ensures completely leak-free operation; therefore, no operating liquid can reach either the atmosphere or the disposal facilities. Operating liquid and cooling liquid are in separate circuits to ensure that the cooling liquid is not subject to contamination by process gas components. Aggressive, toxic, foul-smelling gases and vapours can be neutralised using a suitable operating liquid in the ring liquid circuit. Condensable intake mixtures, such as solvent vapours, are condensed through the installation of condensers and immission coolers in the package unit allowing cost-saving recovery of solvent. The hermetically sealed package unit is, therefore, a modern, perfect solution to problems in modern vacuum and process technology characterised by maximum environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness




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